Olitalia Olive Oil

Olitalia Olive Oil

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For over thirty years, Olitalia has been synonymous with only the best in food, providing delicious and wholesome condiments vital for a balanced and healthy diet. The company oversee the entire creation process of all its oils and vinegars, from selection in the orchard to quality certification while also paying special attention to the latest trends in health and well-being to bring you only the best ingredients possible.

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Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fundamental ingredient for cooking every day as it enhances both simple and elaborated recipes with its full and well-balanced flavor. A must in any kitchen, a classic at any table.

Olitalia Pure Olive Oil

Olitalia 100% Pure Olive Oil is in a very useful and practical oil that is perfect for any kitchen. It is suitable for a variety of dishes including boiled or grilled fish and meat, lobster, grilled vegetables or delicate cold pasta dishes.

Olitalia Olive Pomace Oil

This oil is simple and light in flavor and it’s ideal for deep frying, sautéing, baking or to be used as a simple condiment.


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